Parent Financial Aid FAQ's

How do I know if my student will qualify for financial aid?

Eligibility for federal assistance is determined by a student’s FAFSA information. UIW encourages all students to submit their FAFSA regardless of financial standing in order to see what a student might qualify for.

How do we submit the FAFSA?

You may submit your FAFSA online for free. If you need assistance with the FAFSA, contact our Financial Aid office at 210-829-6008.

Our family makes too much money; my son or daughter won’t qualify for aid?

You won’t know for sure what your student will qualify for until you’ve submitted the FAFSA. The application is free to submit.

How do we apply for external scholarships?

You can view a list of available external scholarships on our website.

Can a student use a parent’s military benefits?

You can find a description of the different benefit types and instructions on how to apply for benefits on our veterans website. You may also contact our Veteran Affairs Center with questions via email or phone at 210-832-2154 or 210-832-5651.